Muskeg Media is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and offers outdoor advertising solutions. Our double-sided digital billboard is located at a premium location on the east side of Saskatoon.

The College Drive and McKercher board is impressive because it’s a major throughway for the City and one of the only digital boards on the east side of Saskatoon. Our board offers a west and east view to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and has the highest resolution picture available in outdoor today.

Enjoy the flexibility to change your messaging without having to incur additional costs like traditional paper billboards. Muskeg Media offers a  high-end, high traffic media solution with qualified, creative and veteran people thinking about your business.


Muskeg Media is owned by Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Investment Management Corporation and located on Canada’s first urban reserve.

local business billboard solutions


We try to accommodate everyone. Outdoor advertising shouldn’t just be for big companies looking for big awareness, local businesses or organizations should be able to take advantage of outdoor too. That’s why we have a ‘partial buy’ option where for $400 per month, small businesses can enjoy the benefits of outdoor advertising too!

Viewing habits change, media becomes segmented and less effective due to channel expansion, however as long as people still leave their homes, drive their cars, walk and move throughout the city, outdoor is as effective as ever. Our media channel is the real world and you can see it, and it’s not going away.

Companies like the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), Affinity Credit Union, Pizza 73, DTN YXE, and Kavia Auto Body have chosen Muskeg Media to shout their message.


The College and McKercher board has both west and east facing sides. Your basic buy includes one side.

Daily Traffic: 
College Drive enjoys 38,000+ vehicles daily, while McKercher drive has over 10,000 vehicles daily (2015 stats). The new Brighton neighbourhood will increase these numbers significantly.

Location info:
Traffic along College and McKercher is travelled habitually by residents of many affluent east side neighbourhoods including Willowgrove, Brighton, Arbour Creek, Erindale, East College Park and College Park. College Drive is the main artery into the Saskatoon city limits from the east of rural Saskatchewan. College Drive is also the main street that the The University of Saskatchewan resides as well as a major artery into Downtown Saskatoon and the ‘Golden Mile’ of 8th Street East.


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